Tips to Make a Strong and Sturdy Building Construction!

Construction is an activity of building facilities and infrastructure that includes development, maintenance, and repair. For the successful development of a construction, planning is the most important thing to consider because this is related to the concept of design and planning which also considers the impact on the environment.

Everyone wants their building construction to be strong and sturdy. However, it is not uncommon to find building constructions that suddenly collapse suddenly. This happens because there are many factors that affect the construction of the building.

Causes of Building Construction Can Collapse

In general, there are two factors that cause building construction to collapse, namely internal causes caused by the building construction itself and external factors such as natural disasters. For external factors such as natural disasters, their resilience should be anticipated, one of which is by making buildings anti-earthquake or flood.

As for the internal factors that make your building construction collapse are as follows:

Unsound Building Foundation

To make a building construction, one of the most important and basic things that needs to be considered is the foundation of the building itself. The foundation is the lowest building structure that functions to distribute the load from the structure above it to the supporting soil or rock layer below it. You must have the right planning, if you want to make a strong building foundation.

Without a strong foundation, the foundation is unable to withstand the weight of the building above it and can cause the building to fall. A higher risk if the foundation is not strong is that the building has a cracked structure and will certainly be dangerous for its occupants. To prevent this from happening, we must pay attention to the adequate depth of the foundation excavation, ensure the bearing capacity of the soil so that the building can be stable and shock resistant. In addition, choose the right type of foundation for your building.

Unqualified Building Materials

Most of us are often tempted by cheap price offers. But cheap is not necessarily good! So you have to be careful in choosing building materials for your home construction needs. By using quality building materials, it will certainly have a direct impact on the strength of the construction you build. Because the sissy concrete iron circulating on the market usually reduces its diameter size quite significantly, around ±0.8 mm. This difference actually greatly affects the quality of the building and its safety.

Errors During Planning

Human error should not occur in construction. These errors are generally caused by a lack of experience and knowledge. This can be overcome with a layered supervision system to minimize errors that occur due to human error. So, these mistakes are generally caused by hiring unskilled and inexperienced workers. Instead of saving the budget, you end up spending more because the construction you build is not suitable.

Stages of Building Construction

Broadly speaking, there are four stages in making a building construction. Starting from the planning, design, procurement, and implementation stages. The following is an explanation of the four stages:

  • The planning stage is the determination of the outline of the construction plan implemented. At this stage, a project feasibility study briefing, design selection, and program budgeting are usually carried out.
  • The design stage is carried out in 3 periods. Namely the pre-design period, the design development period, and the final design period.
  • The procurement stage is the stage for procuring consultants, contractors, and procuring building materials such as iron and steel materials.
  • The implementation stage is the implementation of construction development according to the planned concept.





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